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Our mission is to build a food system where everyone eats well, in a sustainable way without food waste.

The products and recipes are inspired by the Mediterranean diet, which is universally recognized as one of those with the lowest environmental impact.
We are constantly striving to improve the way we create and operate, from the farm to the final products to the way we manage our waste. We always act with transparency for people, the planet and society.

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Only recycled and recyclable materials

Local raw materials

Quality seasonal Italian products

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Saving the Planet

No food waste

Food waste has a major impact on the climate and is the cause of a significant percentage (between 8 and 11 percent) of global greenhouse gas emissions.
We strongly want to reduce food waste, so all ingredients are perfectly dosed according to the different portions we offer, we are working to ensure that non-edible food waste is not accumulated in landfills, but efficiently reused for biogas generation or incinerated for heat production.

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Mediterranean Diet

In 2010, UNESCO recognized the Mediterranean Diet as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as an example of cultural richness linked to the territory, conviviality and society with food becoming a real act of relating and sharing. The Mediterranean Diet as demonstrated by scientific evidence, represents a true model of healthy and sustainable diet, capable of countering the risk of the onset of major chronic diseases, in addition to its positive environmental and economic effects.
Recent years have witnessed its gradual abandonment, in favor of less healthy eating styles. The causes are to be found in the increased supply of food products far from the traditional model, the increased mobility of people and the “speeding up” of daily activities. This has increasingly led to a widespread habit of eating meals outside the home, reducing the time devoted to preparation and dining, resulting in increased consumption of quick and often nutritionally unbalanced meals.
The Mediterranean Diet is distinguished by the constant presence of cereals and their processed products, the abundance of fruits and vegetables, the use of olive oil, and the presence of fish and meat.
Moreover, in addition to the positive effects on the health status of the population, the Mediterranean Diet represents a model of sustainable nutrition that, with its typical products, becomes an expression of history and culture whose rediscovery represents an important opportunity to escape the standardization of eating habits, safeguarding food biodiversity.
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