Amore Mediterraneo is a young meal kit brand whose goal is to allow everyone to cook and eat true Italian flavors around the world with a guaranteed result and no food waste.

Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, universally recognized as one of those with the lowest environmental impact, we work with local farmers who take care of their land with love and allow us to obtain the best raw materials, talented chef who study new recipes and developers of world-class products to make food healthier and more sustainable. The processing of raw materials is carried out through green production processes with sustainable techniques using as much sunlight as possible.

Our mission is to build a food system where everyone eats well, in a sustainable way without food waste. For any lover of Italian food, Amore Mediterraneo will be an extraordinary experience.

Tropea Calabria

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    Our boxes contain all the ingredients for cooking in the right amounts, you will only have to add the water and salt for cooking and the cooking equipment.

    Amore Mediterraneo aims to make true Italian flavors known all over the world.

    Inside our boxes are only the best Italian raw materials, typical of the territory that represent local excellence. Our ingredients are all ingredients with high quality standards, carefully chosen and processed with the most natural and sustainable techniques possible, coming from niches of local producers carefully selected during the recipe study phase. Only high quality standards with the appropriate BIO, IGP, DOP certifications.

    Portions are given in the instructions on the recipe page.

    All ingredients have a shelf life of 3 to 24 months, except for some boxes where there are ingredients with a shorter shelf life that will be indicated in the instructions.

    All nutritional values can be found in the “nutritional values” section on the chosen box page. They are also found within the box.

    There is no spending limit present.

    Our boxes can be stored safely in a dry place away from heat sources.

    That’s the beauty of it, thanks to the QR code you will be able to follow the chef’s video step by step so that even the less practical at the stove will become real Chefs able to amaze anyone!

    This is Amore Mediterraneo, cooking and then enjoying true Italian flavors!

    Also in each box is the recipe in print version in multiple languages.

    Sure, moreover you can also match a card with the text of your choice, you will make the most beautiful gift! The box will arrive directly to the address of the lucky person who will receive the box.

    Absolutely yes, theme at the heart of Amore Mediterraneo is just sustainability, our products all have 100% sustainable and recycled packaging.

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